Terms of use

Article 1. (General Provisions)

The Users are required to observe generally accepted manners, morals and technical regulations when using the Internet.

Article 2. (Conditions associated with users’ computer environments and settings)

The services provided by this site assume that users have correct settings on their devices with regard to, for example, fonts and languages (Japanese language), mail, and printers. Nagato Tourism Convention Association (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) assumes no responsibility, whatsoever, for site users who do not observe these Terms and Conditions of Use, or for anything which may happen as a result of not complying with them. Moreover, the Association assumes no responsibility, whatsoever, when, even though these Terms and Conditions are observed, due to any and all circumstances (including all factors beyond the control of the the Association) relating to users’ computer environments or settings, the services do not function properly, nor is the Association responsible in any way for whatever may happen as a result.

Article 3. (Terms of use)

To use this service, you must agree with these Terms and Conditions.

Article 4. (Various Services)

Users may use the range of services (hereafter referred to as ‘various services’), including online reservations, changes, cancellations, payments, as well as the special offers both provided by this site, or introduced as travel products (hereafter referred to as ‘programs’), on it.

Article 5. (Notes regarding the use of various services)

When there is a limit on numbers of people, or due to the circumstances of those providing the program, it may not be possible to make a reservation for a program on this site. When there are changes to the booking details, or it is necessary to cancel, it is the responsibility of users, either on the site, or directly with the provider, to change the reservation in question, or to make a cancellation.

Article 6. (Changes, suspension, or discontinuation of various services)

When it deems it necessary, the Association may, without the consent of users, and at any time, change the content of, suspend, or discontinue various services. Once details of changes are posted on this site, users will deem to have been informed.

Article 7. (Payment services)

Methods of payment of charges for programs booked using the various services are to be made locally, by postal transfer or credit card.

Article 8. (Contractual agreement)

When it comes to online reservations made on this site for programs either provided on, or introduced through, this site, contracts are entered into between users and those providing the relevant programs. The form of the contract, and the conditions of each contract, will be clearly specified for each of the programs. Moreover, in so far as contractual terms between users and the providers of the relevant programs are not specified separately in agreements relating to travel and other conditions, contracts will deemed to have been entered into once ‘Reservation completed’ is confirmed on this site, or once users have been notified that the reservation has been accepted by the provider.

Article 9. (Days and times of service provision)

As a rule, services on this website will be provided 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The periods during which it is possible to provide various services for particular programs are clearly specified separately. However, in case of any of the following, the provision of various services on this site may be ended, suspended, changed, deleted, or postponed:

  1. (1) When regular, or essential maintenance work has to be carried out on the site.
  2. (2) War, riots, conflicts, labour disputes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunami, fire, power cuts, or other emergency circumstances when it may not be possible to offer a normal service on this website
  3. (3) At other times when the Association decides it is necessary, for operational reasons.

Article 10. (Users’ individual responsibilities)

When users make use of the various services, they assume responsibility for all consequences of their own actions, and of any and all actions pursuant to the use of their own email address and password, irrespective of whether these are their own actions, or whether there has been any negligence. Moreover, in cases where a third party suffers damages when this site is used, it is the responsibility of the user to seek a resolution to any conflict with a third party involved over issues of their respective responsibilities and liabilities. In cases where the actions of a user, in violation this contract, results in damage to the Association, the Association can seek compensation from the user for any and all damages incurred.

Article 11. (Reservations)

When reserving programs using the various services, please make sure you input your name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, and other data, correctly.

Article 12. (Prohibited actions)

The Association, in the following cases, may forbid the use of all of the various services on this site, without prior notification. In such cases, the user or users in question shall immediately pay any outstanding amounts owed to the Association, and the Association may take any steps necessary to seek compensation from the user or users.

  1. (1) When it is found that users’ have acted improperly, such as failing to turn up without giving notice or any behavior is found that could conceivably damage the various services provided by the Association.
  2. (2) When the payment of amounts due is late, or settlement cannot be completed.
  3. (3) When the terms of this agreement have been broken.
  4. (4) When a third party has been inconvenienced or they have been disadvantaged.
  5. (5) When any behavior is found that could conceivably damage the various services provided by the Association.
  6. (6) In any other cases where the Association decides that the ways in which the services on this site are used, or any activity on the site, is inappropriate.

Article 13. (Notification)

  1. 1. Notification of users by the Association may be done either through this website, by email, or by another means which the Association regards as appropriate.
  2. 2. When notifications referred to above are done via email, these will be sent to the mail address of the user, and the user will have been deemed to have been notified once the message reaches the server hosting the user’s email address. Users have a duty to regularly check for notifications sent by email from the Association.

Article 14. (Prohibited actions)

The following actions or conduct by users of this site are not allowed.

  1. (1) The improper use of e-mail addresses.
  2. (2) Any actions which infringe third party, or the Association’s, copyrights, or other rights, or may conceivably result in such infringements.
  3. (3) Any action which adversely affects or damages a third party, or the Association, or may conceivably result in such damage.
  4. (4) Any action which infringes the copyright held by a third party, or the Association, or may conceivably result in an infringement.
  5. (5) The sending or writing of harmful programs, including computer viruses.
  6. (6) Any action which violates publicly acceptable codes of conduct, or could conceivably violate them.
  7. (7) Any illegal action, or action which could conceivably break the law.
  8. (8) In addition, any action which the Association deems inappropriate.

Article 15. (Measures in respect of prohibited actions)

The Association, when it decides that a user has contravened these Terms and Conditions of Use, and without any prior notification, may deny user access to, or use of, all services on this site. In such cases, the user or users concerned shall pay, without delay, any amounts due, and the Association can take all steps necessary to recover compensation for losses or damages.

Article 16. (Personal information)

The Association will manage users’ personal data as specified in its Privacy Policy.

Article 17. Compensation for loss or damages

Users, when using the various services on this site, are liable for compensating third parties, providers of the programs, and the Association, for any and all loss or damage suffered as a result of contravening the Terms and Conditions of Use in this contract.

Article 18. (Disclaimer)

  1. 1. The Association uploads information supplied to it by the providers of programs to this site. However, the Association is not responsible in any way for the verity or accuracy of this information. Furthermore, the fact that programs are listed on this site does not mean that the Association endorses or guarantees the details of the programs, or their quality.
  2. 2.Regarding any damages which users of this site, or third parties, may suffer in connection with the programs on this site, excluding instances where these may result from intentional actions or oversights on the part of the Association, the Association shall bear no responsibility whatsoever.
  3. 3.The Association is not liable in any way for the information or various services on sites which are linked to this site.
  4. 4.Regarding any loss or damage which may be caused by the cancellation, suspension, or stopping, of various services on this site due to damage to equipment, fire, natural disasters, or other factors, and excluding cases where these may result from intentional actions or oversights on the part of the Association, the Association will not be held liable in any way.

Article 19. (Copyright holder attribution)

All programs, software, services, procedures, trademarks, and trade names, together with services provided through this site, and any rights relating to all associated technologies, are held by either the Association or the program providers. The actions of users shall not infringe these rights in any way whatsoever.

Article 20. (Applicable legislation and jurisdiction)

The interpretation of these Terms and Conditions and their validity are subject to the laws of Japan. Moreover, any disputes arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions, or use of the various services, shall be resolved in good faith between the parties concerned. When, following discussions, disputes do not reach a satisfactory conclusion, cases will revert to the exclusive jurisdiction of either the Nara District Court, or the Nara Summary Court.

Article 21. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

The Association may, without prior notice, change the contents of these Terms and Conditions. Users must check these Terms and Conditions every time they use the site. Furthermore, when changes are made, only the contents or details following the change will be valid.

These Terms and Conditions are effective from 26 December 2018.