Privacy policy

Basic rules for using personal information

Nagato Tourism Convention Association fully recognizes the importance of protecting personal information, observes laws and regulations, and endeavors to properly handle personal information In handling personal information, the Association complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and regulations and guidelines, and it strives to properly handle, manage and protect such information.

Appropriate acquisition

We will acquire personal information through lawful and fair means and use it appropriately within the scope of its purpose of use.

Clarification of purpose of using

Company sometimes provides personal information to outside entities, upon having deemed that doing so would not be construed as the provision of personal information to a third party under the Personal Information Protection Act.

Restrictions on Utilization Other Than for Intended Purposes

We will use personal information only within the scope of the activities of the Association, and will not use the personal information beyond the scope of the purpose without obtaining prior consent from the customer.

Protection and management

We will take the necessary and appropriate measures to protect the safety of personal information. The personal information management system will be rectified when deemed necessary. In the case of entrusting the personal information, the person in charge of maintaining the confidentiality of the personal information will be established under strict supervision.

Inquiry, correction etc., concerning Personal Information

When receiving requests for disclosure, revision, deletion, suspension of use or other treatment of supplied personal information, based on the request from the Suppliers in question, we shall confirm that the requesting party or person is in fact the Suppliers in question and respond adequately to such requests within reasonable periods of time.

Disclosure of personal data based on “Personal Information Protection Act”

Name of business operator (one company) – Nagato City Tourism Convention Association

Purpose of using the retained personal data

Personal data of company will be used for planning, arranging, coordinating, traveling consultations, general business (including contact, sending materials, arrenging, fees, travel billing, etc.) and conducting customer satisfaction surveys. The use of personal data to send direct mail is limited to customers who have informed us that they want to use direct email. Use of personal data for delivery of e-mail is to be performed by registered customers verbally, by correspondence, etc. We will do it only for customers who want it. It will be done for customers who requested for it.

Procedures relating to inquiries of disclosure

The Company will respond appropriately without delay in accordance with laws and regulations when receiving requests regarding the personal data it retains, such that are made on the basis of the Personal Information Protection Act, to notify the purpose of use, disclose, correct, add, delete or utilize such data, or to discontinue its use, or to erase such data. Such response will be made as soon as it is verified that the party making the request is the person concerned or a legitimate representative of such person.

The name of the person who is responsible for the management of personal information.

(One company) Nagato City Tourism Convention Association
TEL: 0837-27-0074